Book Clubs

Provocative, haunting, filled with characters who are both colorful and real, September is the perfect title for book clubs looking for spirited discussion. Author Mark Feffer is happy to participate, by telephone or in person.

Copies of September are available at special book club rates for groups interested in purchasing at least eight copies in either hardcover or paperback. For details, write Mark and tell him you’re interested in learning more. Send your e-mail to mark at (use the @ for “at”), and please put “book club” in the subject line.

Questions for Discussion

  • How would you cope with a situation like the one in September? How long would you keep going to work, or otherwise try to maintain your normal routine?
  • Most people assume a disaster of September’s magnitude would result in wide-ranging violence. What do you think?
  • Who’s a better fit for Rand – Donna or Jillian?
  • Why would Rand consider moving to Trenton, instead of closer to Jillian or the Benedettos?
  • When September struck, Rand and Shar were in the process of divorcing. Because of the virus, their divorce was never completed. How do you think that impacts Rand’s feelings about their relationship?
  • At one point, Alex tells Rand he’s “a survivor.” Do you agree? How do you think Rand will do in the coming years?
  • How valuable will Rand’s newsletter be in September’s world?
  • What will life be like for Jon and David Benedetto in ten or 15 years?
  • Sal Benedetto saw evidence of violence when he drove to Bristol. What do you think happened there?
  • Why did Rand leave his money on the supermarket counter?
  • How would people in your area cope with September?